Before I Leave…

I know I’ll only be in Europe for six months but there is a long list of favorite things I want to do in Kansas City before I leave.

First adventure included having a day of thrifting with my best friend. One of my absolute favorite things to do is go to thrift stores, finding treasures people leave behind. I’m at peace when sifting through old clothes, looking for that weird vintage piece that’ll only end up costing me $1.

Next, Lexi and I went for a classic KC lunch… you guessed it: BBQ. We had a fantastic lunch at Gates on 40 hwy. As soon as you walk into Gates you HAVE to know exactly what you want to order or you’ll get badgered mercilessly from the staff which is probably my favorite part about it. Gotta love getting yelled at by people taking your order. I also love that Lexi and I argued about who had to order first the whole time we were walking into the restaurant. Mmm, it was so good. I will definitely miss Kansas City BBQ.

And I’ll miss taking photos of Lexi when she is clearly incredibly uncomfortable.😆

All in all, this was the perfect KCMO day.

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