Exploring Ljubljana

Headache central this morning when I woke up. Most likely from all the changes in my sleeping schedule. Jet Lag. Is. Real. Nothing stopped me from exploring the city today, not a headache that’s for sure.

Version 2
View of Ljubljana from the castle

First adventure of the day was to see the Ljubljana castle. You can see this castle from all around the city and I knew I needed to see it for myself. Man, walking up that hill to the castle killed me. I was dead by the time I got up to the castle but too amazed by how cool it was that I kept walking. The view from the top of the castle was brilliant. Honestly, none of the photos I took do this castle city justice. Not only is the city itself so charming but look at those mountains in the background! I plan on getting closer to those sometime during the semester because Slovenia has marvelous Alps and I’m dying to see them.

After I left the castle, I took the wrong path and ended up in a part of town that I have never seen before. Unknown path emptied out into the town market, I was very excited to have found this gem. A lady owning a clothing booth saw me looking at a blush colored beret and told me to try it on. Dang, that was an astounding tactic because I am still thinking about that hat. Anyway, I continued to meander around the city and soak up its fairytale-like wonder. At last I stopped for something to eat for the first time since getting here. I discovered an area with WiFi so I stopped to talk with my family on the FaceTimes and the waiter takes my phone! He took it out out of my hands so abruptly I didn’t have any time to react. He said hello to my family and then told them it was time for me to eat. It was pretty funny and surprising. The Slovenes have been nothing but kind.

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