Sunday Stressing

I woke up super late today, turns out my body is not yet acclimated to the time zone. Today is Sunday which means that everything is closed in Ljubljana. Luckily, I took some time today to stress out about moving into the dorms tomorrow. I’ve met a couple of people who are familiar with the student dorms and they all said they are notorious for partying and chaos. I do not like partying, or chaos. Sitting alone, reading a book is my ideal night. Plus, I have to have 300 Euros in cash for the dorm so I have to get up super early and wander around until I find the atms. Nervousness is overwhelming when I think about all the potential terrible situations I could be placed into. Hopefully all will be well, I will update you later.

Culture shock is beginning to set in as the euphoria of being in a new city is wearing off. It is incredibly odd not being able to understand anyone around me. The culture here is very different than America and I don’t think I have fully grasped  how to behave or respond to the local people here. Also, I felt like I haven’t had an actual conversation with a person in a while.

Window of my AirBnb

Luckily the lady who owns the AirBnb I am staying in asked me if I wanted some tea and an apple from the market so I had the opportunity to sit with her talk for about an hour. It was wonderful to listen to her point of view on issues such as healthcare and the environment. She had so many brilliant things to say about her city and the people living here. Apparently, Slovenia is one of the safest countries in the world! It was so nice to talk to somebody and she also offered to give me a ride to the dorm office tomorrow. So incredibly sweet. No regrets on deciding to stay with a local in their apartment instead of staying in a private room with no human interaction like I normally would have. Look at me benefitting from stepping out of my comfort zone!

While I was outside walking around and trying to stop my overwhelming anxiety, a small friend found me. A CAT! A black and white cat walked up to me and started weaving between my legs.BCDFAD88-E873-410E-975C-CEEB41E924FA As I crouched down to pet the cat, it jumped into my lap! So here I am sitting criss-crossed on a cobblestone street in Ljubljana with a cat on my lap and a huge smile on my face. I love cats. For goodness sakes, my nickname is Kat. It was like God sent me this cat to calm me down, make me feel at home, and tell me everything was going to be alright. I might be looking into it, but honestly that cat made my entire day better.

Wish me luck tomorrow! Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Sunday Stressing

  1. Sorry for all the anxiety that comes along with studying abroad, but I am happy to hear how well you are handling it. Prayers for tomorrow morning. Love you!

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