Ups and Downs in Ljubljana

Today I woke up super early to find an atm for the 300 euro cash deposit I needed to make for my dormitory. Then, the lady who owned the AirBnb I was staying in, drove me to the dorm office. Arriving at the dorm office was a bit intimidating as there was a huge line of foreign exchange students waiting outside the office to receive their dorm assignments. I started a conversation with the girl in front of me which is outside my comfort zone, but that’s why I’m here, right? She was a cute Japanese girl with short dark hair and short bangs. We shared common concerns regarding moving into the dorms, I wish we could be dorm mates. She was so sweet and was trying her best to understand my english, she did understand that I hadn’t eaten anything so she gave me a dutch chocolate bar with hazelnuts in it. I wish I knew how to find her again.

My silent taxi driver dropped me off near my new dorms, I got out and struggled to lug my giant suitcase down a bumpy side street to my new home for the next six months. As I opened the door to the floor level, I was hit with an overwhelming smell of cigarette smoke. To the third floor I went to find my assigned room. I opened the door and was greeted again with smoke mixed with old food and trash. I looked into the 4 person shared bathroom and noticed the toilet seat was up. Then I further inspected the kitchen decorations consisting of heavy metal and zombie posters. It finally hit me that my other two roommates were DUDES! WhAt? Defeated, I opened the fridge and found nothing but bottles of liquor, no food, just booze.

Trying to forget about his predicament, I messaged this girl I found through Instagram who studied at the Uni last semester. She met me at my bus station and helped my buy my own bus card before showing me which bus to take downtown. She showed me around town, gave me advice, and provided some much needed conversation. She is from Belgium, but speaks english very well because in Europe almost everyone learns to speak english at a young age. fullsizeoutput_5fe9.jpegShowing me her favorite places in Ljubljana, she took me to a pizzeria called FoculuS and it was amazing! Fun fact, they did not cut the pizza for me which is abnormal in America. The cheese was so fresh and delicious. Mmmmm. The whole pizza costs only 4.20 euros($4.74 for my American readers) plus access to a salad/soup bar. So cheap right??? And that is almost every restaurant in the city, they all let students eat a meal for the same price. We then met up with two of her friends and they were all so nice. They took me to the center of Ljubljana and to an ice cream shop called Cacao. SzDDtKF%Q7+w4wKGyngw3w.jpgI got raspberry ice cream which was blissfully delicious. America is doing ice cream wrong, that’s for sure haha. The more I talked to these girls, the more I felt comfortable. They were sarcastic, loved Disney movies, enjoyed art, loved all the puppies, and also wanted to shop at H&M. So they were basically friends I’d have in America only they were all from different countries with fun accents(I’m sure I have a fun accent to them as well) and a background of different culture.

I’m back in the dorms and struggling with fighting my asthma and terrible, never recovering from cancer lungs to breathe in this smoke-filled dorm. My eyes are burning from the smoke, do you know that feeling? Maybe not, but it happens to me anytime I’m around smoke for too long. I am going to try and change dorms if possible, for my own health concerns. Today was stressful and frustrating but also fun and hopeful. We shall see what this adventure has in store for me in the next coming days. Thanks for reading y’all(yes, I have faked a Southern accent for someone here).

4 thoughts on “Ups and Downs in Ljubljana

  1. That pizza looks really good and so does the ice cream! Im glad you found some good people to talk to that is really nice. I am praying for you that you can change dorms.


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