Finding Narnia… Or Maybe Some New Friends

DSC_2708EditMy newly found friend and her friends let me join along on their trip to Soča Valley where Prince Caspian from The Chronicles of Narnia was filmed. I was ecstatic to go along because I love Narnia and read all the books as a child. So after having some rough times in Slovenia thus far, this was the best thing to experience. On the drive to the valley, four girls, all from different countries enjoyed listening to music and singing along. It was fantastic and eye opening. The truth is, even though all of us are from different backgrounds and countries(Ireland, Germany/Slovenia, Belgium, and America),  we all love the same things and got along so incredibly well. The sad thing is, they are all leaving because they studied first semester and I am studying second semester. Oh well, it gives me hope that maybe I can find some more cool Erasmus students during the semester. So we get to the mountains near Soča Valley and the car is struggling to get through the snowy drive and we decide to go back down the mountain because the car won’t go any further. DSC_2793Edit.jpgWe stop at Kranjska Gora and it is unbelievably beautiful! So incredibly sunny, mountains, and crystal clear water. So excited to get photos, I started walking across the snow and ice, into streams(on accident), and over rocks. The water was freezing but it was so clear that I wanted to bend down and take a drink. The views were amazing and I will be sure to go back in the summer even though I know there will actually be people there and I’ll have to share the beauty. After exploring, we sat in a little coffee shop in the valley. It was so nice, and also great coffee.

We still had time in the day so we went to the city of Kranj and walked around the downtown area while getting a slew of fun facts from my new friend whose family lived in Kranj. Beautiful little city with lots of history and charm. At this point, I hadn’t eaten much in Slovenia yet and when we stopped at a little shop for lunch I had no clue what to order. IMG_0821I ended up ordering a pizza burek and it was delightful. Not sure what exactly was inside, but it was delicious and I want another one right now. I will not rest until I find another. Anyway, we went back to Ljubljana and had dinner together and with one girl’s parents. There I learned a couple of things. First, I can’t finish an entire plate of spaghetti to save my life. Second, when people do a cheers with drinks you are expected to look into the other’s eyes that you are clinking with and I failed because I’m awkward. My embarrassed American self will always look people in the eyes when my glass(of water) clinks another’s glass.

Also, I got a new place to live and it’s so much better. I am already remarkably happier. It is more expensive than I was expecting so that’s financially daunting, but students get to eat at the restaurants for only 4.20 Euros which is crazy cheap so hopefully it will all work itself out. I will be careful to not buy much except for some towels and socks because those are very necessary and I’m lacking. Classes are going to begin soon so I probably won’t have as much to write about, unless you want to read about my studies. Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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