Settling into Studies

The past couple days have been very busy with getting ready for classes, filling out paperwork, getting a bus pass, signing up for student meals and other not very fun things. For quite a while, being in Ljubljana has felt somewhat dream-like, that any day I will wake up back in Kansas city. More recently, as I prepare for lectures, it’s becoming reality that I will be living here for five months. This will hopefully become a home away from home. Is it silly that I can already see myself coming back here after a couple years? Maybe with a friend or family member, showing them all my favorite things about Ljubljana. Ah, that sounds nice…but first I need to make it through this semester.

So I’ve had a few interesting experiences at stores here in Ljubljana. The first grocery store I visited was tiny. So incredibly tiny, and stocked full of foreign products with labels all written in Slovenian. Who knew grocery shopping would be such a challenge? Certainly not me. I had a little basket full of simple groceries and also a couple liters of coca-cola because my soda addiction spans the distance of the seas. When I get to the register, the cashier speaks only Slovenian so I try to keep the conversation restricted to hello and thank you until my card gets declined and she continuously says “ne, ne, ne…” with vigor. Thankfully, I brought euros with me and was able to pay and get the heck out of this nightmare. As I go to leave, I realize there are no plastic sacs to put my items into. Re-usable bags are in the hands of all the people behind me in line. Apparently, everyone is expected to have their own bag when they go to the grocery store, which is wonderful for the environment, but terrible for me in this very situation. Defeated, I walked back to my apartment with a package of bread hanging out of my pocket and a pair of 2 liters in my arms.

So, I mentioned a few blogs before a Japanese girl I met in line waiting for my dorm assignment who was super lovely and gave me chocolate when I was starving. Certain I’d never find her again as we are both studying at different faculties, I had forgotten about our meeting until she messaged me on Instagram! We met up and ate lunch together and talked about the city and classes and her dorm. It was really nice getting to talk with her again and perhaps we will meet again sometime in the future. I also met some people at the faculty of social sciences today who I’ll have classes with who were very cool. One of the girls I met at the social science classroom was in my city tour group today and we talked during any down time of the tour about our mutual love of learning and hatred of math. It’s incredible how many amiable foreign exchange students there are here in Ljubljana!

Wish me luck in my first full week of classes!

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