Bled and Bohinj

Everyone in Ljubljana has been telling me to visit Bled and Bohinj and I finally had the chance to go! I woke up early in order to have sufficient time to explore, but things never really go as planned for me. Blindly trusting google maps, I ended up at the wrong bus station, walking around completely lost. Waiting for another bus took an extra 20 minutes and by the time I arrived at the correct bus station, my bus had departed. Two hours later than I had intended, I was on the full bus to Bohinj. Pushing through people, I snagged a window seat and I’m so glad because it was the prettiest bus ride imaginable. Slovenia is seriously such a geographically gorgeous country.

DSC_3056Edit     One by one people stepped off the bus until I was the only one left. Starting to think I was hopelessly lost, hearing the bus driver say a bunch of Slovenian words ending with “Bohinj” was so relieving. DSC_3011EditI got off the bus and started wandering around in the mountains around the lake. Hiking through the woods brought me upon several beautiful streams and waterfalls, I’m so glad I chose the lesser traveled path through the woods instead of by the lake. Walking around in the woods was so relaxing and wonderful. I’m used to walking around in the woods back in Missouri so this was a nice transformation of scenery. I didn’t actually take very many photos while at Bohinj because I was so entranced by my surroundings and also I had to run back through the path to get back to the bus to Bled.

Once at Bled, I stepped off the bus into the cutest little town settled around a lake, with a beautiful castle on a hill overlooking everything. Wanting to get the best view, I trekked up a million stairs up to the castle. There was a cute little museum, a restaurant, a blacksmith shop, and a gift shop, but the most appealing aspect was the view. DSC_3100EditOnce atop the castle, you can overlook the whole lake with a nice view of the mountains. I can’t really capture the essence of being there, but hopefully the photos do it some justice. You can kind of see a little island in the middle of the lake with a little church on it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go out onto the island and see the church even though it would have been extremely interesting. Maybe I’ll take another trip to Bled before I leave Slovenia.DSC_3091EditDSC_3107Edit.jpg

Before the day was over, I had more bus troubles. My bus was scheduled to come at 6pm or technically 18.00 here, but they didn’t have one come until an hour later. So, I walked back over to the lake and snapped some photos of the castle at night and then wasted an hour at a small cafe. DSC_3304EditBack at the bus station, there were about 5 people waiting at the bus station. One of them happened to be a girl my age, so I went over and asked her if she was also studying in Slovenia and she replied in an American accent that she was studying in Germany but visiting Slovenia. This is the first American I’ve met here and she happened to be from North Carolina near the same area my sister and brother-in-law used to live, sort of a weird coincidence. We spent the whole hour bus ride back to Ljubljana talking. It was nice to talk with someone from my country for a little bit, but it made me appreciate my experiences with meeting people from all over the world a bit more. It’s much more enriching to have a conversation with someone from a different culture, learning about differences and similarities between customs and norms. Anyway… it’s really late here and I’m falling asleep. Thanks for keeping up with me!

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