Abandoned Buildings Wherever I Go

At home, I love visiting abandoned places and it never crossed my mind that I would find one here in Ljubljana. Originally, I planned on going to the center of the town and attempting to find a bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding but my day turned out completely different. As soon as I had gotten to the bus stop, I received a message from the girl who lives in the room next to mine asking me if I wanted to go on a walk with her. She is from Lithuania and seemed amazingly nice so of course I said … Continue reading Abandoned Buildings Wherever I Go

Settling into Studies

The past couple days have been very busy with getting ready for classes, filling out paperwork, getting a bus pass, signing up for student meals and other not very fun things. For quite a while, being in Ljubljana has felt somewhat dream-like, that any day I will wake up back in Kansas city. More recently, as I prepare for lectures, it’s becoming reality that I will be living here for five months. This will hopefully become a home away from home. Is it silly that I can already see myself coming back here after a couple years? Maybe with a … Continue reading Settling into Studies

Finding Narnia… Or Maybe Some New Friends

My newly found friend and her friends let me join along on their trip to Soča Valley where Prince Caspian from The Chronicles of Narnia was filmed. I was ecstatic to go along because I love Narnia and read all the books as a child. So after having some rough times in Slovenia thus far, this was the best thing to experience. On the drive to the valley, four girls, all from different countries enjoyed listening to music and singing along. It was fantastic and eye opening. The truth is, even though all of us are from different backgrounds and … Continue reading Finding Narnia… Or Maybe Some New Friends